Wet and Wild
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     Aiden Garcia and Gabriel Martin get comfortable and cuddle together playfully at the pool. The guy's gorgeous, golden bronze bodies are glistening in the sun; so, they decide to take advantage of the lighting with an impromptu photo shoot and THEN take advantage of one ANOTHER back inside! Aiden's ample appendage is jutting out through his virginal white trunks, just daring the dong hungry dude to dine on ALL that delicious dick. Garcia takes the bait, AND every thick, overachieving inch of Aiden's amazing appendage like a cock chomping champ! Aiden goes ham on Martin's massive uncut member in return; then, he spins the teen around to taste his sweet twink's smooth sphincter. He primes his smooth pucker for a biblical, bareback boning. Aiden's ass is equally enticing and Gabriel glazes the gorgeous doughnut with his spit slick tongue. He spreads the boy's backside and dives in, first with his face, then with his big, bronze, bareback boom stick. The guy's flip once more and Gabriel hops on Aiden's bionic beast like a beautiful bronc rider. He squeals and moans as Garcia grinds all that girth up inside his manhole till the latin twink invites him to "cum inside." Just like a good boy, Aiden does as he's told and blasts his heavenly heap deep inside the twink's tight tunnel. Aiden whips his spent schlong from it's cozy, cum filled confines, causing his own dick load to ooze out along with it. The warm feeling of a fresh load inside is just what Gabe needed to nut. He blasts his hefty load all over Garcia's smooth, golden skin.
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